John Delaney


More people in Irish media, politics, financial services and on INTERNET discussion forums predicted the bust than were in the GPO on Easter week 1916, at the Sex Pistols’ gig at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall in June 1976 and at Thomond Park on October 31st, 1978, combined.

Marc Coleman, many people may not know, both predicted the bust and was at all three events I list in this post.


Klopp earns more than Conte yet Conte has saw a 16 point swing on him in just 4 months.


Klopp earns £7m a year. He is the 6th highest paid manager in World Football


You are a terrible debater


Klopp had a net spend of 0.51m and is second in the league. Conte had a net spend of 90m… What results is Delaney getting that he is vastly overpaid in comparison to the head of Spanish football?


My use of actual facts, registered public documents and addressing the points directly as they are brought up, without trying to flip flop with deflection tactics, is clearly alien to you.


Conte has taken a team that finished 10 points behind Liverpool to 6 points clear at the top.

Oscar is going for £52m - that will damage your net spend theory.


You have quoted articles that are factually incorrect, you plum.


I’ve quoted directly from UEFA competition rules to prove my point.

I used headlines from media outlets to show how these outlets also see and refer to the competition - which is also in line with the aforementioned competition rules.


With Chelsea 's resources and the money Conte has spent on the team that walked the 2015 league you’d expect nothing less than them strolling the league… What about Delaney? How can he justify his outrageous salary, what results has he got?


How can Klopp justify a salary 20x what Delaney earns? If Klopp, the 6th highest paid manager in world football struggles to maintain a top 4 position this season then he will surely be jettisoned by your salary centric criteria.

It’s a fact that Conte has oversaw a 16 point overhaul on Klopp (6th highest paid manager in world football) in just 4 months. Yet you are cribbing about Dela earning 350k a year?



Market rate for a Premier League manager with successful track record is what Klopp gets.
Klopp would earn similar if he left Liverpool.

Delaney is an administrator of a small football association. His salary seems excessive based on comparable roles in other sporting associations and football associations. Would Delaney earn similar if he left FAI.




Klopp salary seems excessive in contrast with expectations. Do you not make a guy 6th highest paid manager in the world at a club with massive tradition and not expect instant success?


Market rate for a manager of his pedigree. He could leave Liverpool tomorrow and earn similar anywhere else.

Would Delaney walk into another sports administration role on same money?






The Olympic Council of Ireland are looking for someone I believe.


Delaney will be head of Uefa at some point in the future if he wants to be. Hugely respected for his role in the centralised TV deal


Just of the gym and hitting Douglas market if anyone is around and wants to grab a breakfast burrito