John Delaney



FFS sake. Mick’s brought down Callinan and Shatter, revealed the sickening corruption in An Garda Siochána and NAMA, fought the vile vulture funds tooth and nail, battled against militarisation of Ireland and represented the poor and suffering at home and abroad with courage and conviction. That vastly overrides a little bit of a difficulty meeting tax bills. His work as a parliamentarian is priceless for Ireland Inc.

That said, I vote in Dublin Bay South myself.


Incorrect our man Niall Collins topped the poll,that is Niall, nephew of Michael & Gerry Collins both former TD’s and grandson of James Collins TD & former IRA man.
The Collins family has a long and storied history of unbroken representation for West Limerick at the national level since 1948. They have an equally long and storied history of achieving absolutely nothing for West Limerick (or anywhere for that matter), but we keep electing them and we always will, because we are loyal like that. I wouldn’t expect a city rat like yourself to understand.


They had a strong line into the old Posts & Telegraphs and secured many a job for a west limerick man lucky enough to be a member of a large family of active voters.


Incorrect? As stated, I’m pretty certain two blueshirt pricks were elected in the 3-seat constituency (along with that reprehensible bastard you mentioned).


At last we agree


Fucking bogger bastards - They won’t be changing their mind ever.


We didn’t vote for the blueshirt simpleton, we voted for the FF simpleton. Those weirdos in East Limerick probably voted for the blueshirt.


We don’t take kindly to outsiders knocking our simpletons. Irrespective of party.


They are our simpletons only we can make fun of them


Anyway did this ODonovan chap ever play sport?



:astonished: He lives


I doubt it. @manbehindthewire might be able to answer definitively. I also can’t believe he’s 39.


Whatever about him fucking Shane Ross as the minister for sport. What a fucking joke


Not in a month of Sundays!! Sure would ya look at the cut of him FFS!!


The Garda station in Stepaside is still closed. He will be run out of office next time out. If Dublin elects a single issue candidate who becomes a member of cabinet then that single issue should be resolved.


They are all the same when they get their nose in the trough. I actually thought he might be different, he didn’t need the job or the money when going for it but once you get a taste for the gravy it seems you can’t get enough.


John Delaney is a great ambassador for Irish football.


I’m informed by a mate who went to the same school that the closest he got was being kicked around the showers by the hurling team.