John Delaney


Mick Wallace is a guy who would get my hypothetical vote, unquestionably.


Was it the not changing his shirt or his love for all things Italian that had you smitten?


No I think he suspected he might be a bit smelly. That’s what tipped the balance in his favour


His political nous.


I’d vote for him, but only because of the way he helped out @Tassotti


Great to see John’s tireless dedication to his sport in action here :clap:

No doubt he’s off to some far flung corner of his realm making sure things are getting done.


Dela never rests.


The sun never sets on John Delaney’s empire .


John Delaney has been elected to the UEFA executive. :weary:


I hope it won’t distract him from the wonderful job he is doing for the FAI.


Ireland has an unbelievable record at high level sports administration at an international level. :clap:


We have. I think Della could actually be the next Pat Hickey.


He has a long way to go to hit those heights, but if anyone can it’s JD. He’s joined the lofty ranks now though along with Hickey & McQuaid :clap:


Little did I think sitting in the Ard Ri on block release all those years ago with Johnno that I was to quote @ciarancareyshurlingarmy , “touching the hem of greatness” .


I’m sure you were an inspiration to him in many, many ways.


John with be President of Uefa by 2025


Yes, that possibility has bothered me for a few years now


Of course. I am very proud of him though.


He’ll be doing jail time by 2032.


What a guy!