John Delaney


It’s great seeing one of our own succeed.


There’ll be the usual begrudgers, which is sad to see. It seems the old addage is true, a prophet is never accepted in his own land.


There’s cunts here who’d be happier to see some bollix from England or Moldova get this gig rather than an Irish man.


Or maybe noone gives a fuck


I heard earlier that Mr Delaney was successful in his endeavour but I didn’t get details of the vote itself. I’m only seeing now that he sailed through and routed the likes of England’s David Gill. A really impressive display.


Gill was an outgoing member, i expected him to be re elected
John campaigned earnestly in fairness


People complaining about Della getting more money make me sick. At least he spends the fucking stuff. He’ll buy a big fuck you house and buy a skip of pints in pubs. It’s the likes of him that keep an economy ticking over spending money earned abroad here.


John’s promotion has also netted the FAI €900k in a solidarity payment. The man pays for himself, unreal.


He needs to invest time and money in the LOI -After that I personally couldn’t give a fuck… I think his Irish salary is way out of sync with his peers around Europe who have a lot more to deal with than John does. I wish him the best of luck in his new venture and would love if he moved on to a UEFA role full time and let someone else have a crack at head of FAI.


You seem mighty bitter if someone else does it.


Pat Hickey would be an ideal replacement. Transition would be seamless.


John (not unlike the great CJH and @Tassotti ) has outgrown this little island of ours.


What’s this now?


People like John Delaney thrive when they are out of their comfort zone, he needs a bigger Challenge, I’d love to see him become president of UEFA or FIFA


He’d be brilliant at FIFA


Dela is one of life’s good guys


He should buy a set of tracksuit for the girls




Could he run for Pope?