John Delaney


What is he on about?


You ripping him over being a flash loaded bastard every time he mentions one of his houses I’d imagine


We must have badly rattled Uncle Tom last week


In fairness Dela is a lot more discreet than First Class Flatty


I’m not sure what happened last week but you’d be well advised to back off my mate the Marquise of Didsbury.




Dela does not pay for ordinary things like houses. People gift these to him


I think it reflects well on the association that we now have a very manageable debt of €34 million on the Aviva Stadium and the biggest issue now is do the FAI reduce that €34 million by 2020 to nil or do we in part reinvest bigly, with some big sums into the game?


Give that man a raise.


Would the 5 k he offered the LOI clubs last year fall into the ‘bigly’ category?


5k each or 5k between them,serious question.


Each. It was around that figure.


There’ll be a statue built of Dela outside the Aviva in time.


Here is one of the links to the story


Is that what he’s talking about when he says reinvesting rather than paying down debt?


Dela is far too modest to do such a thing.


Everything about this sounds more than a little suspicious.


He gave each club 5k which was ringfenced for them to create a strategic plan

whats the issue


why is that?


The truth, finally.