John Delaney


Isuue ??

I just wondered what ‘Reinvest Bigly’ meant in the press release. Trying to put some magnitude on ‘Bigly’.

I have no issues with John Delaney… However I have very little interest in soccer. The clubs seem to be the ones that have the issues with the man.

OH and I think the line about the money being for a strategic plan only came out after the clubs kicked up a fuss.


I believe most LOI clubs are supportive of Mr Delaney


The only 2 clubs against it were Derry and St Pats. I hope both of them get relegated.


If you ever went to a LOI game you’d regularly hear anti -Delaney chants from all teams.


I only go to the big games mate, what Limerick & Cabinteely sing have no interest to me


Big games? So You’ll travel to Cork and Dundalk but won’t travel to watch rovers? Bizarre…


So how do you know what most clubs think then?

Derry City are refusing to taking the paltry €5,000 he’s offering them.


I administer a LOI fans steering group

how much should they get for a strategic plan?


Fucked if I know. I’m just stating the evidence buddy.

What is it? or some bullshit like that?


JD is a great friend of the grassroots


Good one, spambot.


Doubt they can erect anything on their rented land


He is . He has a huge power base in junior soccer particularly in rural Ireland .


Sources tell me the FAI ripped off the Man u fans last night 80 quid a ticket fir a pre season friendly and then made a complete bollox of selling the tickets and left loads unsold because they forgot to put the “buffer zone” tickets up for sale




My admiration for JD grows .


Its a real good news bad news story alright


Could be wrong but pretty sure the FAI don’t organise these games. They are organised third party sports management companies who pay the FAI a fee for use of the stadium. That is prettyc much the done thing for all of these pre season friendlies and a lot of international friendlies these days.


Correct. Relevant were the name of the company. @gilgamboa needs to stop having post gym smoothies with his ‘sources’


You aren’t wrong. These companies generally agree exclusive deals for games with the FAI, which was what scuppered to Limerick v Barca friendly a few years ago.