John Delaney


Were there many at this game? I enjoy watching English football on tv for soap opera value — But thousands of Irish fans heading to Dublin to support an EPL team in English accents is some laughable shit — the fact that they see it as normal is beyond fucked up … Are Liverpool coming to Ireland pre-season as well? You’ll have the likes of @mikehunt and @Sidney heading up in full kits putting on the scouse accent :rofl:


Who rr ya? Who rr ya? Who rr ya?


Sweep sweep


A load of Irish people were chanting “Unnnaaaaiiiiiccchhheeeedddddd” in Lancashire accents at the Manchester United players boarding the team bus yesterday evening outside The Marker.

cc @ More Things That Are Wrong.


Ah here, mate. I have enough on my plate trying to source a full Armagh kit and trying to perfect an Armagh accent for this Saturday’s first game. With the recently-implemented ban on bringing bags into Croke Park, I also have to worry about how I’ll smuggle one containing my full Dublin kit into the stadium and change into it before the second game.


There was only one English player in the starting XI last night :smile:

Only four of the 20 used were English.

Fair enough if it’s the idiotic fans you’re talking about.


The FAI get €1m for ripping off barstoolers and @Fran is seething


I bleed red you cunt.


Are you ok pal?


Think the Pool are in town this weekend against Athletic Bilbao


Scousers from Leitrim, Kerry and Carlow will be flocking to the capital no doubt.


Biggest match in Dublin this weekend guys


Ill be there next week fucko


The money goes to New Stadium Ltd.


… and Galway.




A bad day all round for INM


Did john not get a contribution for his fave charity?



Emma Kelvin has hit absolute zero there.

(By the way was she not Emma something else a few weeks ago, English maybe?)