John Delaney


Did he pay for the ring?


He will .


Earlier this year, she reverted to her maiden name.

Emma wrote online: “Officially time to change my surname back to my maiden name “KEVLIN”.

“Will take a little getting used to!! James English it was a privilege and honour to share your name English for the years I did. Thank you.”


Thanks for a vital clarification .


FFS Sake


Anti-English bias.


Look at the state of the cunt.


Delaney looks wrecked as well




He is morphing in to Paul Williams .


Congrats Dela.


A lovely couple. What age would she be? Will John fire a few shots into her? We could do with continuing the dynasty.


I think he already has had two children with his wife.


Ah, we’re safe enough so.


Twins I think


It’ll all end in tears hopefully.




What a master stroke from Mr Delaney giving Martin O’Neill a two year extension prior to the weekend.

That vote of confidence resonated with the players and now we see the fruits of this bold move. The money the FAI make from the playoff will more than cover Martin’s wages over the next two years. That’s why John earns the big bucks guys.


I find myself nodding in agreement with this post.


Think it was mentioned by Dan McDonnell in the Indo the other day that reaching the play off alone was worth another €3m to the FAI.

Another chunk of the stadium debt paid off right there.