Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


George Graham would do the same job for quarter the price .


Did any of them spend 300m in their first season?



1 goal in 8 games away to top 6 teams under Mourinho…


How many conceded ?


9 or 10


Fuck off you scouse cunt.


Mate you have to take into account how Jose’s hands are being tied here. He’s being pretty much made include young “talent” like this Racefjord kid just to continue some tradition of having an academy kid in the squad. Impossible working conditions in truth.


Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea
Manchester City 3-0 Chelsea
Spurs 0-0 Chelsea
Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United
Chelsea 4-0 Manchester United
Manchester City 0-0 Manchester United
Arsenal 2-0 Manchester United
Tottenham 2-1 Manchester United
Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United
Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United

In those seven games above when he was in charge of Manchester United, Mourinho’s team have managed only 13 shots on target in total.


Go easy on him mate, its only 1 goal in 7 away games against Top 6 for Mourinho at Man U. No need to panic yet.

It is 1 goal in 8 away games alright for Man U but the 3-0 defeat at White Hart Lane at the end of 2015/16 season to start the sequence was on the watch of Louis Van Gaal.


Dance puppets dance!


Is that tonight’s one? Seens he’s had another rant after this evening’s match.


That was yesterday’s.


Mourinho needs more time. The fans need to back their manager.


he needs proper financial backing




Jose has completely mugged off Pep here. In the space of a week he’s denied him the opportunity twice of the ultimate high of winning the title in front of their own fans - winning the derby last week and ensuring that the title is won before Swansea visit Maine Road next weekend.


He’s condescendingly granted the title to city. He’s a sleekit bastard


City don’t play at Maine road you idiot


I don’t watch must soccer unless its Tottenham Hotspur. The last time I sat down and watched a full Manchester City home game, it was at Maine Road.