Jose Mourinho - Busted Flush?


Bizarre given your pronouncements on Man City that you haven’t seen them play a home game in nearly 10 years.

You’re some spoofer.


Odd that you were lavishing such praise on them today then



Your own pronouncements on Manchester City since you turned up on this forum back in January have shown you up as a complete spoofer. Manchester City won 7 and drew 1 of their next 8 league games after this master prediction was made.


They crashed out of the CL and FA Cup in embarrassing fashion.


How many of the raft of points that you predicted Manchester City would drop did losing in the FA Cup and European Cup cost them?


2 cups.


A memorable double season for City. What an achievement.


A League Championship and Milk Cup double for the 2nd time. Only Liverpool under the great Bob Paisley and the great Joe Fagan and Chelsea under the great Jose Mourinho have achieved that.


Ordinarily I’d applaud(literally) the use of a venue’s proper name because I can’t bear names like the Emirates, the Ethihad or the Aviva.

But saying Maine Road is just plain silly.


Seriously?? It’s a TFKism, there’s regular references to games at Highbury, upton Park/Boleyn ground, the Dell etc
@GeoffreyBoycott knew what he was doing alright


But there are no more games at Highbury. It’s a high end apartment complex.

Maine Road doesn’t exist anymore.

If someone said Ashburton Grove or Eastlands I’d get it alright.


Are you calling him a liar?


Are you saying he lied?


Seems to me like he is as Geoff is citing ignorance and a lack of interest in football.


It’s something that is regularly trotted out here, @GeoffreyBoycott knows the score, Roker Park, the Victoria Ground, the Baseball ground, etc etc


You just don’t get it.


City of Manchester Stadium to give it the correct title.


So Geoff is a liar?


Is he a liar?


Lay off Geoff, chaps. He’s still in a bad mood after Tottenham were thrashed at White Hart Lane last night.