Ken McGrath bottles it again…v=vTkWnECEBuU#!

Who is that utter, utter, utter prick with the microphone?

No idea, he must be the Holiday Rep or something.

Some jobsworth who thinks he’s somebody I’d say

Is it Ronan Collins?

Good old Ken. A nicer chap you couldn’t meet.

+1 he really seems a detestable sort.

think it was paul collins

Looks nothing like the real Paul Collins :clap:


Rocko will be seething over this.

why? does rocko like paul collins?


Christ. Wait til he googles his name tonight as usual. He won’t be happy.

i just googled ‘paul collins cunt’ and the third result was for this website :o :o

career progression obviously not a priority, must be going on 15 years doing the morning shift now

has wintered well since i noticed him leering at two young wans sitting at the table next to him outside an eating house on shop street at last years galway races
a sad sight watching a fella intimidate a few young things like that

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Caul Pollins is an utter cunt bag.

Rocko will be seething at this thread.