Kevin would love this one,10329~1503775,00.html

football is dead

kevin is just tiptops/myboyblue back here under another persona- he lost credibility with the first 2 gombeens so give it a week or 2 & kevin will be gone


football is dead[/quote]

proper order, death to doncaster, long live the monkey hangers !!!

Ha, you really have me sussed. Has it ever crossed your mind that MBB is clearly from Laois, at a wild guess i’d say Tiptop is from Co. Tipperary and i’m from Cork. Just a thought.
Ye two jackeens got well pasted on SR and now ye are scraping the bottom of the barrell.
You’d be far better off doing some real work for SR like being out fundraising or something rather than talking through your hole here day after the day.


football is dead - In Ireland[/quote]
That would be more like it. Ye are going to extremes now to look like idiots.