Kilkenny GAA thread - The Top Table


See you there. Can’t wait. Seemingly great craic around town. I haven’t been to a club match at home for years. The Boro haven’t lost a game all year. @Midshipman_Asha are ye going to beat the lard out of our minors?


Apologies to Keith Duggan for the AIB link



He sounds like a lovely priest


Nice profile photo you dirty hoor. :popcorn:


You didn’t?


I did. An invite sent.

He won’t be Billy Big Balls when this hits the Board tomorrrow.


Kieran Joyce after retiring. Possibly leaving before he was pushed? Thought he looked very average this year.


Yes. Stripping is humiliating, simple as.

And it sounds a lot like these two are prostitutes, a truly hideous profession that debases all involved.


You’d feel sorry for them having to make a living in front of those yokels.


@iron_mike has made a handsome living out of it


In the week that’s in it #weareallkilkenny


Do you agree with the priest?


Keep the wolf from the door


just when i thought i couldnt pity you anymore it turns out you are raising a family in a part of Ireland where they hate women


It’s OK. I know you’re the opposite with your 7 wives


To be fair they paid the girls €400 for a couple of hours work . That would stand up to any analysis of gender pay gaps .


€400 on hookers and half drank fat frogs at the bar - the boom is back baby


On a Tuesday night as well.


we are back .