Kilkenny GAA thread - The Top Table


Who will ye have called in?

I doubt Cody will want many Ballyragget lads after their antics. I like Kevin Kelly but seems a bit light at senior though.


Training on Nov 1? :rollseyes:


They’ll be finished in June anyhow hopefully.


I’d say he bulked up a bit last week


I heard there’s a south Kilkenny man with strong Waterford blood called in, apparently being lighting up the KK championship


What does that even mean?? His mother and/or father is from Waterford? Sure ffs I’m half Limerick!


What. The. Fuck???


Irelands greatest sporting moment has just happened


Well documented here that my mother (God rest her and today is her anniversary) was from Oola.


Oh good jesus. You must be related to some heavyweights of the board


My word…


Double O Los Angeles as I heard it referred to recently.

My own mother is a Limerick woman. West. Between that and being born in Kilkenny, you’d question whether I was a Tipp cunt or not


Who’s that Ray?


What sort of crowds are Kilkenny getting for training these days? Is it still pushing towards five figures?




The panel almost is yeah



Ah jaysus, there’s worse going on in the country ffs


:joy: They can turn them around quick enough when they want to FFS


A crime is a crime