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Kilkenny hurler found innocent shocker.


Ballyhale won the Kk u21 today after dropping the 3 Mullen brothers, who presumably went beserk at Fennelys wedding last weekend when the county was postponed due to weather


I would have thought the Fennellys would be running the club down there. They are coming across as outcasts here.


New young team


Only one St Pats player.


The only one who didn’t shag Fifi - Cody knows!!




My bad.

What’s their story. Still U21?

Is there no U21 Full Back graduate better than Lennon? I think he’s unbelievably poor & not IC standard.


Steve Staunton corner back.


We’re back baby, watch out fuckers watch out


I’m surprised there’s any

Cathal McGrath is the Lockes man at corner back. Tidy hurler, natural defender. Had a great year for us.


I haven’t a clue buddy. Like most KK supporters here I am watching from a distance. You’d have to ask a true blue KK man like @iron_mike. He’d know.
I agree re Lennon. He’s a grand hurler but one of these lads who is just too big for himself. Can’t seem to turn at all. There’s an allstar fullback on the bench. I liked the look of last years u21 full back. There were two late changes. One of them was Evan Cody, who played full back for Dicksboro, replacing @Piles_Hussain’s clubman.

How does that league system work. How come Ballyragget are in the intermediate and Ballycallan are senior?

We could do with a tidy defender. Haven’t had a decent one since JJ retired.



Back to back hammerings coming up in the league too,the dark times are back unfortunately it would seem.


When was it ever sunny times for them?


Cheddar had them relatively competitive for a good while in fairness.


A few years in the wilderness to be expected after the heights we soared there with that one solitary win over Offaly in the Championship.


Them groups are from 6 years ago, pal.


Eh ? :thinking::thinking: