Kilkenny GAA thread - The Top Table


:scream: Not sure what happened there. Meant to quote your post from tonight

When you’re explaining you’re losing…


Shocked to see Ryan Bergin on any Kilkenny panel. Great talent, wrong background


Wrong background?




I thought Cody might try Richie Reid in the half-back line, try and shore up that line. Maher is a fine player, if he got a run of games, I think he could break into a Championship team.


Thanks for digging up a post from 2012…


Ballragget and Tooreen intermediate semi final is streaming on YouTube and the AIB gaa Facebook page for anyone interested. Hopefully fifi makes an appearance!


Ballragget up 8 points to 2 at half time after playing with a gale. Tooreen with first point of the second half to leave 5 in it.


3 in it !


Red over now. 9 points up with 6 minutes left


Brooky must be near 40 is he? Played well today.


He’s at least 38 anyway.


Jonjo Farrell has been axed


He was used to wielding his caman like an axe so aptly put @Fagan_ODowd


What did they axe him?


Dey axed him ta fuk off.


Because he was stone useless


I thought he didn’t bother his hole this year?

He’s a decent enough player, right attitude, hard working, eye for goal. But he looks so fucking awkward in his striking, and it was hard to see him being effective at the highest level.


Never bothered Wally or Taggy but Jonjo just can’t get past it. Even compared to them he looks dreadfully awkward. If he could have been taught early to shorten and tidy up his swing, it could have been a different story.


Same article said Ger Aylward was gone, but he’s not. Jonjo is gone alright.