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Oooft. Dat forward line :fearful:


What’s the story with Conor O’Shea? He fancied himself as an enforcer last weekend but ended up getting his hurl booted into the stand by Chin. He was constantly giving it big licks off the ball. Was he on the team last season?


Played corner back a good bit last year. Very slow.


Shows how bad we’ve become. Terrible hurler


Alan Murphy is a good freetaker and well able to take a score but from what I’ve seen, I wouldn’t have thought he was at intercounty level yet and that the likes of Leahy & Maher would be better options. Wouldn’t play Walter at full-forward either, more than effective on the wing, I think.

Richie Reid is an interesting one. I’d nearly have played him wing-back, shore up there first. But he’s well able to win ball and it’s a big asset in the forwards.


What’s the story with James Maher? Still getting over the broken kneecap??


Why is Cody playing Padraig Walsh full back surely he’d be better in the half back line with Buckley. Perhaps Joey Holden should be given another chance at 3 or does he not trust him there?


Holden will never play there again I’d say. Walsh AI the the answer either tho


He is rubbish.


Walter Walsh is one of the most improved hurlers out there, but, he’s a yardstick in that if he’s starting, kk are not the fearsome side of old.


By and large over the past few years all the Kk players who retired and left have been replaced by lesser players ( even taking account of that they are young) . JJ , Tyrrell , Tommy Walsh , mike fennelly , Eon Larkin , Shefflin etc were all great players and replacing them is impossible .

I still think they could still be semi finalists this year is certain things go well .


Kilkenny are definitely going through a fallow period. I reckon it could be similar enough duration to one they had from 93 onwards. Won a couple on the bounce but couldnt replace some of the stalwarts of that team with similar calibre of player. Kudos to Cody too to stay on and oversee transition. Hard to manage a once in a generation squad with mercurial talent from 1 - 30 to a team that will do well and possibly over achieve in reaching a semi final.


Stone useless at CB.




I think Cody has treated Holden very poorly since the 2016 All Ireland. He had one bad game where the whole team got beat up a stick. He’s not a great full back by any means but until then he hadn’t got a roasting in Championship anyway. Padraig Walsh is also much better out on the wing


This gobshite knows better than Cody lads.


You obviously think you do too if you’re calling the lad that Cody is starting at corner back “stone useless at cb”


Didn’t Cody drop him for the 2014 replay?


He did, he was playing wing back at the time though. I was on about at full back