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He is a poor full back at inter-county level, Tipp were salivating at the prospect of Callanan on him in 2015 until Galway fucked that one up.


Most full forwards aren’t as good as Callanan. He did fine on Joe Canning for example whenever he marked him. Its more about releasing Walsh back to his best position than Holden being a good full back, which he isn’t but bar one game he was reasonably solid there


Cody’s been chopping and changing way too much.

For example:
Pádraig Walsh - wing back to full back to wing forward to wing back to full back.
Joey Holden - full back to the bench to wing back to corner back.
Cillian Buckley - wing back to centre back to midfield to wing back.
Richie Reid - sub keeper to centre forward.
Jonjo Farrell - corner forward to bench to dropped.
Paddy Deegan - midfield to corner back.

It’s looking like the once in a generation talent won all those All Irelands and he seems fairly clueless. He should hand back that MOTM award from the 2008 final.


Takes a brave commentator to call him out on his bluffer’s approach :clap:


Forgot Lester Ryan:
Midfield to the bench to wing forward to the bench to midfield to wing forward to the bench…


Kilkenny have given up on hurling


Our boys are wondering who the fuck is this clown


I keep saying, if we gave up hurling and concentrated on football we’d be in a Leinster final within 5 years


Shur ye already have Mick Dempsey there.


Boom! KK playing the short running game this year too, another box ticked


Didnt ye almost beat the All Ireland Minor Football Champions of 1996 if memory serves me correctly with a hape of lads just fucked into a bus an hour before the game. No one else is fit to match those jackeen cunts, go for it.


4 (four) Leinster titles to our name too

cc Co.Wicklow & Co.Longford


No GAA title before the 80’s really counts though.


He was just recalling Padraig Walsh, who was sick or injured the first day


Will ye beat Wexford


We will Joe if they do like Tipp and rest their good lads


Cut them Wexford snow flakes



Whats that bro?

Has this been posted yet?


Christ on a fucking bike. :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Those 5 cunts should be shot with their own shit.