Kilkenny GAA thread - The Top Table


Kilkenny will take some stopping this year.


They will .


Tis great


Over reliant on TJ


The Empire is rebuilt

Fucking cunting empires this week


Congrats Kilkenny


One man band


Walter? He’s influential alright but you’re being hard on Buckley there


Normal service resumed


Congratulations mate




John Lockes lost our opening game v Muckalee in the first round of the league. 3-9 to 0-15. Wicked wind to deal with up in Clara. Young Power didn’t have a good day on the frees, missed 4 scorable frees, two of them from the 21. McGrath sent off too.

Not a bad performance, Muckalee were senior last year, we were junior. Only a score in it and it was winnable.


The village took a nice trimming I see.


See that…




Just the 6 goals between them…

cc @cluaindiuic


Yeah my brother was telling me. Vegas are a bit of a riddle. We’re probably headed into a bit of transition with the senior players getting to the end and the younger ones looking to step up.


Could and maybe should have beaten the Boro in the quarter final last year.


Village started slow as well last year if I remember rightly.


Against Mullinavat :hushed: