Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


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Looks like there could be a sprinkling of rain for this one cc @TreatyStones


We haven’t beaten Kilkenny in 45 years in senior hurling championship lads. Fucking 45 years. Think about that.

We’ve a lot of monkeys to get off our back on Sunday.

3 weeks in a row will matter fuck all to these boys, they’ll die out on the field before losing to us.


Wheres my photo of Dowling with cody and hogans head



If Limerick don’t win this, it’ll be a huge setback for them…


I think that’s overstated. It will be a huge setback for the lunatics on here, but this is a very young Limerick side. Look at Galway, lost AI finals in 2012 and 2015 before finally getting across the line last year.

I agree Limerick should win, but they better not go in like Galway did a few weeks ago or they will get destroyed. There is serious fight in this Kilkenny team and they will fight like dogs for the 70+ minutes.


I wouldn’t say that . Kk and Lk are better than last year . The bookies are still divided but limerick haven’t won a proper knock out match since 2014 .

Kk still have an edge .



I thought three weeks in a row wouldn’t affect us, one of the youngest and fittest teams in it. We flopped, never fired a shot. Same rules apply to kk and they will surely find it hard to raise it again, if we don’t beat them we are at fucking nothing. I won’t be getting too carried away if we do beat them either.


Same rules do not apply to Kilkenny.
Hopefully the Limerick team and management are not listening to this kind of nonsense.


Kk are hurlings White Walkers mate, three weeks won’t matter a fuck to them.


When was the last time Limerick beat Kilkenny in the championship?


73 All Ireland I’d say


Correct. Haven’t played them too often for obvious reasons.


We’ve played ye a decent bit in last 15 years. 05, 07, 12, 14, and 17. And now this one. Compare that with say, Clare, who we haven’t played in over a decade.

Edit, mixed up 14 and 15


Limerick had had loads of chances to break what is now a 45 year hoodoo.

3 weeks in a row matter when your playing a top top side like Cork or Galway, will be interesting to see what a third week in a row against one of our now peers works out.


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As a matter of interest, did Cody make any tactical changes (rather than personnel) at half time against galway? He is some man to read a game.
Having said that, they were kept in it by some unusual goals, and a bad miss by canning just before one resulting in a six point swing. I’m confident that if limerick go at this right, they can win.


I wouldn’t be confident about this at all. The last game of any note we played was a month ago and we were bet off the park, it was galling at the end watching us trying to force a goal which wouldn’t have made a difference anyways. A good few of the same players then went out and got hammered against Tipp at U21. It will have completely deflated the momentum and confidence built up over the start of the year. Kilkenny are holed below the waterline, their tallies from play this year are indicative of that, but they will smell blood here.