Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


Waterford should be their inspiration. Beat Kilkenny last year first time since 1959. Kilkenny lost by 7 to Galway on Sunday, 7 to Waterford last year and by 8 to Tipperary in 2016 final. Could have lost all those games by double those margins they were so bad for long stretches. In the three Galway matches and Wexford match this year, starting 6 Kilkenny forwards posted totals from play of 1-2, 0-1, 0-4 and 1-3. If Limerick can’t beat this Kilkenny team, they can give it up.


Two league final defeats (83 and 06) also included


Playing two weeks in a row is a problem for Kilkenny judging by how abject they were in the replay against Galway on Sunday and in the 7 day turnaround between Limerick and Waterford matches last year. What makes you think they’ll be suddenly flying in Game 3 next Sunday?


That’s as good a display as I’ve seen from this Galway team and a relatively poor Kilkenny team were able to bring it back to a point having been 12 down. The cunts don’t know when they’re beaten. Their mentality is what keeps them competitive.


Hard to understand bookies are marginally favoring Limerick here. You can get 11/10 on Kilkenny which is a head scratcher. Fair enough we might win but should not be favorites all things considered IMO.


Shit or get off the pot time


I do think we’ll win but I do wish that people wouldn’t go on about the 3 weeks in a row. We’ll only know if that is a factor after the game is over. Constantly saying it to the players involved isn’t going to help.

Even the hint of complacency, and Kilkenny will walk all over us. Obviously that is Kiely’s job to get the heads right, and I would presume our lads aren’t going to underestimate Kilkenny of all teams.

We will win by being ruthless. Taking the scores that we missed last year, feeding our forwards unlike we did last year & stopping them getting a couple of handy scores while the game was in the balance.

Last year, we fought like dogs but we are much more tactically astute, better set up and confident team in 2018.


It is shit or get off the pot time for Limerick. If you look at the meetings going back to 2005, first three 2005, 2007 and 2012, Limerick weren’t on the same playing field, no shame there, that was the full cycle of the Kilkenny great team. 2014 Limerick were superb, possibly should have won but Kilkenny even though they were on the wane had enough of their great team still intact and had the nous to pull it out of the fire. Last year, Kilkenny were going badly, were there for the taking but Limerick in Kiely’s first year weren’t in a position to capitalize. Limerick are a world improved from last year regardless of what happened in Ennis and Sunday should be all about Limerick. It’s their time and their match to win.


In fairness it wasn’t one of this Galway teams best days,
I think Sunday could be a cracking contest, I can’t think of two teams that I’d rather see matched up right now, I remember when Cork beat Kilkenny (13?) after a good few beatings and the satisfaction that brought, it will be in the ha’penny place when Limerick bring down the curtain on 45 years of misery



Would you be of the view that if Kk win on Sunday then Lk year must be deemed a fail ??


When teams are favourites to break decades of a historical barrier you always have to second guess it.


I can tell ye without a doubt the Limerick players know what is facing them on Sunday and the metal of Kilkenny.


This Limerick team will end Codys reign.


Thanks for confirming, mate.


It’s like something that other gobshite would say after a pretend meeting with a panelist :smile:


Fellas shitting on about being worried talk of a lethargic Kilkenny team facing them will affect the players is laughable.




Sunday was as good as Galway have played. People think the backs are great but they let in a lot of soft goals. Last year they won the semi by a point and the final by 3 despite dominating the majority of both games.


They played well for parts of Sunday’s match but it’s certainly not their best performance, I can’t believe you’re being serious


The first 20 mins they would have blown any side in the country away FFS.