Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


Skehill looked like a walrus diving off an iceberg for one of the goals there on Sunday


More of your usual shutter limerick fans like you sicken me. Same lads harping on about tipps forwards for a month coming up the championship. Kilkenny last won the all Ireland in 2015 and since then they’ve been humiliated by tipp, Wexford, Galway and been beaten by Waterford too in that period. There’s nothing really special about them at all. You can build them up all you want.


what have we done since 2015 kid? What have we done since 1973 and before it 1940.

You can harp on about KK being bad if we get a sustained period above them, until then keep your fucking mouth shout, you blathering idiot and hope to God we get passed them on Sunday.


Nickie is a fine goalkeeper, he won’t be found wanting. Definitely not a weakness.


Limerick have about four starters left from 2015 and pretty none of the management team.


Kilkenny haven’t brought anyone through in that time no? Same team?
They’re rebuilding as well kid.
We have twelve probably starting who were bate by KK last year kid. Average Kilkenny bate us by a goal.

I don’t know if you’re on the wind or what but you’d seriously want to wind your neck in here.


An awful lot of shite gone up here this morning.


We’ll have at least 5 changes and a few personal changes too from last years game v Kilkenny but overall our style of play and the game plan make us a ten point better team than last year. We’d a woeful attack last season.


that’s a noble bit of critique Mike, thanks for the input


Agreed. They do have an ace in the hole in TJ Reid, who is top top class but he’s only one player.

They still have a good attitude and great work rate, which is a good start. I think they are better than last year overall but still are a team we should beat if we play to the full of our ability. No flatness, no complacency, because they can still seize upon a weakness if a team isn’t going full throttle- Tipp in the League and Wexford in Championship are good examples.


How many points have KK improved? in your points metric system? Hopefully less than 7?

can you throw up a scale there for this points metric system?

also, could you throw up Mul’s defensive stats there, as previously requested?

Thanks in advance


I’d say without Walter walsh they aren’t improving at all and another year on to the legs of the older brigade. Kilkenny are extremely average. If limerick play to the best of their ability Kilkenny won’t live with them and we’ll win comfortably enough. You like most city folk are beaten before the ball is thrown in with all your negativity. Harping on about the past and trying to build Kilkenny into something they are not. Usual shutter.


I’m only trying to pass on the wisdom of experience kid. I was full of eternal optimism like yourself. We’ll bate the bollocks out of this Tipp/Cork/Clare/Kilkenny team, sure they are going bad and we’ve 3 u-21’s won in a row.

Coming out of Thurles then absolutely sickened to the core of your being.

Have realistic expectations. We may be in a better place previously, but this is a new young team. They’ve yet to take a big scalp. Kilkenny will not roll over and have their bellies tickled.

Hopefully they can go out and get the job done, it will be a massive feather in their cap if they do


In fairness you can’t compare that three in a row team with the current outfit. They were a but of a freak tbh.
To the best of my recollection they had no real history at minor level and were thrown together like a motley crew.
The subsequent years proved this together with the friction caused by the lads left from the 94/96 era. This all culminated in the famous strike of 2010 and it was only in 2013 we finally seemed to be getting our act together.
The current brigade are a different outfit. They have won major titles up through the ranks and have a winni g mentality.
Sure make what you want of the Clare game this year but a lot of blame for that lies with the sideline. We showed the Clare forwards way too much respect and rather than going man to man, we for so e reason didn’t trust ourselves to have a go.
But hey realistically speaking we are probably in no worse a position now than if we had won that match.
I don’t know if we are going to win on Sunday but I do have every confidence we will give it our all.
We are either good enough or not


Lads on here underestimating Kilkenny.
The resolve they showed in sticking with Galway when most teams would have been broken was the impressive trait they showed last Sunday.
They are tough bastards and not easily beat. This Limerick team have yet to show that they have the toughness required


I’m guilty of it myself, saying Kilkenny are poor but poor compared to previous Kilkenny teams. They’re still very competitive and hard beat. They won the league, should have been beaten by Wexford and Dublin but weren’t, should have been hammered by Galway but came back from 12 down. They may have gone to the well too many times already this year though.


I assume Walter Walsh will play ??


No way he can be 100% fit if he does.


Limerick fans sniping at each other now, yer rattled 5 days out. :grin:

Back to the game.
The matter of 3 weeks in a row will have either effect imo,
KK wane badly as the game goes on a LK win.
LK without a proper game in over a month start poorly due to KK getting straight to the key of the game.

KK will be seething at how they performed last week with big names now likely to start.
LK probably don’t have that same manic fight for places internally but the fact they’ll be fresh must be a major factor. If they start slowly their freshness might not matter a fuck.
We all remember how KK used to bury teams early with goals, we haven’t seen that in a long time so who knows if they still possess this threat.

I’d be leaning towards KK at the prices quoted but couldn’t put anyone off backing LK.


edge of the square job?