Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


a whole pile of words to say fuck all.


Should I have mentioned 1973, 2007, or 2015?


I presume you meant 2014?

Those were three noble years alright. Tipp bate in Munster on each of the three occasions before losing to one of the best teams to ever hurl in 2007 and the All Ireland winners in 2014, who went on to bate yerselves in a replay.

3 bad years for Tipp.


Beating Tipp is the big one, eh.

If ye lose Sunday ye will still have that win.

Time for another sabbatical there, kid. Your own is even schooling you.


fuck off and tend the garden there for the summer and come back to the hurling next year.


If I was a Limerick fan, I’d fully expect the Limerick team to be seething over passing up big chances to beat Kilkenny in 2014 and 2017, the performance in the last meaningful game against Clare four weeks ago and just generally seething about the last 45 years stretching back to 1973. The narrative about seething, backlash, desire, hunger, will to win is always about Kilkenny. Are other counties immune from all of this?


the seethe kind of goes off the boil after 45 years. You couldn’t be using it to drive on now.
you could use it from Clare and last year versus Kilkenny alright.


This is a bit like the 96 AIF. We’ve broken away from the parade and the band is only warming up.


We’ve been breaking away from the parade first all year kid. We broke so early from the one vs Waterford that it didn’t even happen.

If KK break away before us though I’d say we are goosed.


Beating Limerick is probably the big one for you guys, seeing as you lose to us more than you beat us


I’d remind people that kk really had the run of the ball in staying with galway. Such a series of scrubby and/or dubious goals is unlikely to happen again. I still genuinely feel they get the rub of the green from the vast majority of refs, and allowing Cody to do what he did to Barry Kelly set that tone in stone, and was a stain on the gaa





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You’re not very good at this internet thing. I get that now.


Pick a number you miserable Laois cunt


Have Tipperary lost to Limerick more than they’ve beaten them?

@Mullach_Ide, @Brimmer_Bradley, @the_man_himself, @carryharry Say this aint so?


Pick a number, or can you not count higher than 2? And fight your own battles instead of running to your buddies for help


Can you answer the question? Have Limerick beaten Tipperary more times than they’ve lost to them? Is what you said true? Or are you lying on the internet?


Don’t just Don’t Please.
Think of the children