Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


Is @Peejaymc a child? Might explain things.


Well he is certainly talking through his hole


They’ve beaten us more than we’ve beaten them in history


How many of the last 5 have they won?


Tipp have won 4 of the last 10 championship meetings.


I’ve lost count of all the times we’ve beaten Limerick.


And here’s me thinking all the extra fingers and toes from the inbreeding would be useful for counting


The only people from Tipp that care about Limerick are mountain men from West Tipp


Why are you dragging me into this?


Dragging you into what?


Seething & rattled.


Eoin Kelly could literally beat that crowd on his own many years ago, did he make a big song & dance about it? Da Fuq he did. :rofl:


A team/county used to winning would of course be seething.


Did you know Kelly and Niall Moran were cousins? cc @Mac


Wexford limerick win its a open dew


Are they cousins


Is it really? What’s the reasoning behind that?


Fuck it doesn’t make since hardly sure cork and Galway are provincial champions


Galway cork pot 1
Wexford limerick pot 2


Limerick for Liam I said it all year