Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


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Wexford are worth a bit of money for Liam




The path to the final could be smooth for limerick


One game at a time Joe


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Sunday will be won on mentality. This Kilkenny team mighn’t be the greatest that they’ve ever assembled but they absolutely believe that they’ll win every time they go on the field. Always have, always will.

Limerick have faltered many times through big-day paralysis. These lads seem different. Sunday will reveal exactly how different as, pound-for-pound, I believe we have better players than Kilkenny for the first time in many a year.

Overthinking and over-analysis has no part. Limerick must stick to what they’ve done for most of the year to date, trust in it and apply it relentlessly. It’s close to being good enough. Kilkenny spook the shit out of me but, I hope, not the players.


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These lads are different Elvis. English, finn, hayes, Byrnes, p Casey, Flanagan, Gillane and hego are all winners. People will realise it soon. I’ve absolutley no doubts we’ll perform on Sunday and once we hit 95 percent Kilkenny won’t live with us.


What have these “winners” won at senior IC level .

We won U21 all Ireland’s which are grand but mean very little in the bigger picture , they won Fitzgibbon Cups which are now a farce .

A lot to prove yet .

Sunday will tell a lot .


Must have been around for 18 months. Clare was the only slip up so far. I fully believe that was lost by the management due to team selection along with a bit of tiredness.


Clare were by far better on the day . The management made a big mistake and tiredness may have been a factor but the shit was bate out of us .


The performance v Clare upto 50 minutes wasn’t much worse than the first 50 minutes v tipp. We created less chances yes but it was really the last 20 minutes when we fell apart.


This Kilkenny team have done nothing either.

Struggled against a poor Dublin team, just about got over the line against Wexford too. Great fighting spirit and all that, but if Limerick had done that, you’d see the same negativity around Limerick.

This is a very good Limerick team.

You’ll get some people still slagging Limerick off if we do win because Kilkenny were tired or some shit.

We should expect to win. No need to go overboard or anything, but we should have high standards for this team.


Tipp were poor and understrenght . We were hanging on v Clare and we lucky on occasions .

The performance v Tipp was ok . We weren’t let hurl by Clare who blew us away .


Exactly. Limerick fans mentality isn’t the same as the teams. These players expect to win on Sunday and rightly so.


Clare blew us away for about 15 minutes.


We can expect to win after they’ve won at least one game of significance. This is knock out. They’ve yet to win one.

I expect nothing but hard work and those boys to give their best, if that’s good enough then I’ll be delighted


Expecting victory is a terrible mindset.

Believing you can win is different