Kilkenny v Limerick 2018




Good input


Nobody has said Kk are particularly good but they are improving and have a core of proven winners at this level & a couple of genuine great players . That said they have weak links who probably wouldn’t be near Lk team.

Limerick are decent and have shown improvement but I still think the Munster champ wasn’t great this year .

Limerick could well win but I wouldn’t put my shirt on it .


They could have been well ahead at half time . They filleted Lk playing against a wind and physically blew them away .


I expect them to win on Sunday


Is it to finish on Sunday (extra time, extra extra time, 65s, 65s sudden death) or have we the possibility of a replay?


Inclined to go along with that. But Kilkenny still have more stars and more match winners. If we start with our 6 forwards that started v Carlow i don’t think we have a forward that you can say will or can not be shackled, in the way that most top counties have a marquee forward they will expect will deliver, despite what goes on elsewhere.


You were being racist towards yourself mate which the forum police find unacceptable. Maybe change it up to a wop or a wog and that might be more acceptable.


Third week in a row and comprehensively beaten by a Galway team who got into 4th gear occasionally. KK are on the way out.

Limerick well rested and a team with a winning mentality. Limerick will win, it all points to a limerick win. They will win and win well.


Stay at home, pal. They might lock you in and make you watch the massacre.


Did you have a bet to see how many times ypu could get the word win into a paragraph?


Men against boys.
Kilkenny by 8


Was it 2002 when a young up and coming Limerick team met KK in the league semi final in the GGs and they dismantled us in 2nd gear with 14 men for most of the second half and with 13 men for the last 10? It was only the league but showed how far off the top we were…

Has that feel about it. A lot of hype about a team that has done well at underage but fuck all at senior.
We simply have to go out and rattle these cunts Sunday - a loss like you are suggesting would be an utter disaster.


Limerick gone favs for the game v Kilkenny. All the smart money is down.


Ah fuck …

Kilkenny by 8 so.


Thats Limerick - Top of the heap or a heap of shite nothing in between


That’s life, mate.


Yeah. The Samaratians will have a bumper week next week. And that’s only dealing with the panel’s mental breakdowns.


unless we have a moral victory. We can cope with those


Paddy Powers Share price is also up 2.4% this morning. Read into that what you will.