Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


The last moral victory we had in championship was against Cork this year - we drew and subsequently disappeared in Ennis. Before that we “BEAT” Kilkenny in Croke park in the rain in 2014. The only place we lost was on the score board. Following on from that TJ was handed a 3 year term and we imploded. So even moral victories are a portent of impending disaster in Limerick GAA.


i suppose, it’s the hope that gets you.


every fuckin time.
The young lads on here will be beaten down like the rest of us, Sometimes I wonder would you be better off and be from Hurling Third World counties like Laois and Waterford where you don’t even have hope.


I’ve been trying to get that message across to @AppleCrumbled and he thinks I’m an awful cunt. I’m only trying to ease the pain.

we know mate, we know.




We will bate the bastards all over the field Sunday.

Limerick by 5.


you’ve fluctuated from +4 to -8 and back to +5 in less than a day. You’d have traders jumping off buildings


Listen here to me you little cunt.

We are going to Thurles to win and win we will.

Now fuck up and fall in.


Never seen us beat KK in championship or Galway for that matter! Christ.


Reality Strikes . Leaves a bitter taste.


By Sunday morning I’ll be in line kid. I’ve never yet gone to a match where I hadn’t convinced myself we’d win. Including the strike years below in Cork.

I’m just codding myself.


The heat, the drought, the World Cup and the wait to Sunday has lads driven demented.


The drought will end one way or another Sunday.


Ant cunt that has even a slighest interest in the Wourld Cup hasn’t a fuckin clue


England getting to a semi final has everyone rattled to the very edge alright.


Looks like it’ll rain Sunday alright…


very profound. you should be working for Hallmark


Everyone seems to know the score
They’ve seen it all before
They just know
They’re so sure

That Limericks gonna
Throw it away
Gonna blow it away
But I know they can play

So many jokes, so many jeers
But all those oh-so-nears
Wear you down
Through the years


3 pints on our shirts …


I’d be hoping they’d win