Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


Liam remains still gleaming…


The jaded cynicism and negativity is getting tiresome lads. Nobody gives a fuck what happened in 1884 or that ye’ve been beaten into submission. Fall in line.

This is a new age, I’ve seen the future and it’s green and white.


I’d see an optician mate. Cataracts is an awful condition


Forty years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming …


That’s beautiful man.


The song needs a new thread :clap:


So many jokes, so many sneers
But all those “Oh, so nears”, wear you down through the years
But I still see that tackle by Moore (Willie) and when Dowling(Mossie) scored
Cregan belting the ball, and Bennis dancing


@manbehindthewire You surely know the words to “Shout boys hooray” :sweat_smile:


It’s coming home, it’s coming home… Liam’s coming home.


Treaty on our shirt
Liam’s still gleaming
Forty years of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming


:rofl: :ronnyroar:


Ned at the edge of the square, Richie Bennis everywhere, Grimes lifting the cup and Timber Tom roaring “hup hup”…


And Houla dancing…


Limerick by 6




Il bate a bottle of cider off Codys skull and @codegreen will tear the black and amber flag by the scoreboard down before a hurley is even broke.


Extra trains from Limerick for Sunday

12.00hrs Limerick to Thurles
18.00hrs Thurles to Limerick


Big Limerick crowd expected?


2k Kilkenny
16k Limerick.


Not even mid-day on Wednesday yet and the thread has gone balubas. :pint: Going to be a long run in to 14:00 hrs on Sunday.