Kilkenny v Limerick 2018


I just looked at this between 1998 and 2017 Kilkenny never play three weeks in a row. In fact they only played two weeks in a row(7 days apart) on 4 occasions. 04, 13(twice) and 2017. They beat Clare in a replay in 04, 2013 they lost to Dublin in a replay, 2013 again they beat tipp and drew with Waterford before winning in extra time, 2017 they beat limerick and 7 days later lost to Waterford in extra time. In 2018 they played Dublin and won, beat Offaly And on the third week they were hammered by Galway. Again in 2018 they played Galway in the Leinster final and drew, 7 days later they were hammered by the same Galway side and 7 days on they now face limerick.


We went 3 weeks in a row in 2004. The semi v the blaas was the weekend after the replayed Clare game iirc.


Correct. Shefflin made a miraculous recovery to play in the Waterford game


We played 3 weeks in a row when Dublin beat us 2013 in a replay and we beat Tipp in Nowlan Park a week later.


So that theory blown apart like Mountbatten’s boat then


I’d prefer to play Cork in the semi-final rather than this formidable Galway unit, after we demolish Clare, so I very much hope Limerick win on Sunday.


That was my first post in this thread Mike. I haven’t laid out my opinion on the game at all yet. You’re out the gate very early with the giddiness.


The only thing Wexford lads will demolish this week are sandcastles on a beach.


and they’ll be back hawking strawberries and potatoes on the sides of roads Monday morning.


I am back in the country (DUB) around 2pm on Sunday 29th July.

Therefore I need Clare to win to have any chance whatsoever of making our semi-final. So, eh up Clare.

I also need Limerick to win.


I replied to the wrong person, apologies.


No bother and not to worry, I’ll poor mouth the shit out of it at some stage. you’ll be good to go then.


Decent tickets available for the Old stand (Ardan O Coinneain) for Sunday on

Block 204


Are people burnt out (and broke) from all the games in the provincial round robin I wonder? Looking like poor crowds for both games this weekend.

I’d say alot of people happy to watch on telly and wait to see if their team get to Croke Park at this stage.


Was that after Eyeball Quinn did him?


Let’s be honest , Lk , CE & Wx all bombed in the 2nd half of their last serious game . Kk were well beat as well.

It will take a win at the weekend to re-invigorate respective support .


It’s been expensive enough alright. But the choice of venue for th Wexford Clare match is definitely something that will put people off. Strange time as well. Probably awkward for the farming community.
Probably a few lads here being told to tow the line as well as we’ve all had a good few days out. I’m lucky that the wife just lets me off



Cummins needs to shut his trap.


Cummins the sneery fucker taking the piss out of the Limerick lads already. He’s building them up so high you just know he’s going to be there waiting if they don’t manage to beat the worst Kilkenny side we’ve managed to assemble for a long long time. There’s some lads on this KK panel that you’d think were picked up by the bus along the way to matches. We all know what Limerick are capable of, we’ve seen it often enough and we’ve been lucky enough to get past them in tight battles in recent years, but sneering them a Thursday before an All Ireland quarter final is a low blow. You wouldn’t hear that level of talking out both sides of the mouth down around Kilkenny. Poor out of Cummins, show a bit of respect.