King Henry of Galway part 2

Still think there’s too much mayo in him to make it as a top forward. But sure we’ll see.

Rob Finnerty is a classy footballer, not sure he was used enough last year or tried to put himself into some games enough - seemed at times to stay on the periphery and leave space for Comer.
Matthew Tierney is the lad who they need more from this year though. Has loads of talent and showed glimpses last year but need more than what he showed from a centreforward. Be interesting to see if Finnerty could work out in that part of the field.

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Thats always a concern :grinning: but i honestly think hes got the stuff.

Totally agree re Tierney, hes got it all but needs to push on now, a potential main man for the next decade.

Interesting considering Finnerty for hf line, something thats often overlooked is his ability to see and make a pass. Cant be easy staying centrally involved in a line with walsh & comer.

You’d have to have a concern about the Mayo gene when push comes to shove however

Fuck it, just spotted @Keadyshouldhaveplayedin89 post


Grand run-out for them today in Louth. Plenty of lads being tried out, though some of them are very good club hurlers and nothing more. Hurling badly needs lads like Liam Collins to come through instead of more big apes trying to bludgeon their way up the field.
Cyril Donnellan seems to be part of the sideline team this year, will be a loss to the radio. On the sideline crew, it should be fairly humiliating for a county like Galway to come up to Louth and the local kids running past them all to get an autograph from a Kilkenny man.
The standard of hurler Antrim are producing is steadily improving, stay going the way they are and they will be very competitive for the opening of Casement.


Big blow to the footballers. Liam Silke staying in NZ for the year. Galway’s best man marker unavailable. Down two of last year’s starting defence now.

Fuck it anyways
Not surprising though

Not surprising at all, a junior doctor in NZ is looked after an awful lot better than one in Ireland.
He isn’t just an excellent man marker either, he is a really intelligent reader of the game - some of Galways best breaks forward last year had him at the heart of it.

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Same lad told me Molloy isn’t making the progress they were hoping for and might not kick a ball till 2024.

Doubt he’ll come back for a few years tbh, if at all.

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Aye that will be him gone and never seen in maroon again. He won an u21 in 2013 so he must be late 20s, he is as well off look at his professional career now and make his decisions based on that.

His aul lad (a good sort with a bit of divil on the sauce) will probably try twist his ear but Silke would be as well off doing what makes him happy. I think his woman is happy out down there currently too.

Another John Lee.

With Comer curtailed we just needed one of Finnerty or Tierney to step up against Kerry and we’d have bate the cunts. Didn’t happen but that should motivate them both this year.

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Completely agree, would have made a huge difference. Looking back at the match i think finnerty was very unlucky to be taken off. Although he wasnt scoring himself he was involved in a lot of scores.


Twasnt for want of trying from either. That was a great effort from all.

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Live on RTE, lovely

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I wouldn’t think Eoghan Kelly is even distantly related to a corner back but short on options there at the moment. Good athlete but not a man marker.

Hear young O’Flaherty from Salthill has really impressed in challenge games.