King Henry of Galway part 2

Hard to see him coming back from a cruciate at his age. What an absolutely brilliant player he was for Galway.


Brilliant player and easily the best midfielder I have seen in maroon. Sadly that’s probably the end of the road for him at inter county.


You might be a little harsh on him there. I’ll put it down to the multitude of bad porter yesterday :smile:
But you are correct, he owed us nothing. My favourite player of the last decade for Galway.

Wouldn’t say I’m being harsh, he has hardly pucked a ball since 2018.

So no porter yesterday :grinning:

Plenty :face_vomiting:

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Michael Coleman was better though

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You’re still drunk. Have you any Barry’s tea bags? Maybe make a cuppa and sit down for a while.

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Owes us nothing. Remarkable how he developed, when he was sent off for the wild pull against offaly around 2010ish I thought that was it, another talented but flaky hurler who would drift back to club hurling for life, but his strength improved and his hurling skyrocketed. There was a few days tipp 2016 comes to mind, when he carried us on his own. He steadied a very shaky ship last year and was still an effective link man against cork and limerick. Not much in the tank now but Henry will know he’s not easily replaced.


More of a warrior than a hurler. Burke was both.

Daithi my favourite. And Greg.

I think he’s a big loss for the big occasion. A stone legend.


Shane O’Neill using him so infrequently was very odd.

I thought he really rolled back the years in the A/I semi final last year v Limerick but aside from that he had looked fairly finished for a while now

Had the dubious pleasure of being in Armagh yesterday. Galway seem to have found a way of addressing their biggest flaw and are now winning tight games - I remember back a decade they would annually exit the championship after a 1 point defeat. Other than that not much to say about the game other than hopefully John Dalys injury isn’t too bad, he is a joy to watch.
The only noteable highlight of the evening was watching Joyce nonchalantly kick points off his left and right in the warm up and playing perfect 40 yard passes to lads - in an era when many managers seem to hate the sport its great to see a fella still have the simple love for the game of football.


U-20’s with lads named Luc and Jake will be gobbled up by Leitrim on the opening day.

It’ll be a proud day for the forum when Hopper makes his debut in Maroon in the cauldron of Chadwick’s Wexford Park in the opening round. We’ll all be there as advisors… :pint:


When I was watching Tierney miss a couple of difficult frees from the right the camera zoned in on Joyce. Was thinking to myself he would still probably nail them both. I was in Castlebar one year and he was in front of me. Think they were a point down with only a few minutes left. Pressure kick, out to the right, yahoos roaring at him, was thinking he won’t get this. Frees look easier when watching on tv or from up high but we were down in the front few rows. Piece of piss to him. We laughed at how easy he made it look.


How did young Hernon look in the flesh? Looked well able for it from tv anyway

I thought he looked very composed, tough place to make a debut but he seemed to slot in very well. I’d not be too familiar with the team though and he does look a bit similar to Dylan McHugh so I may have mistaken the 2 at times. McHugh is a better footballer than I realised.