King Henry of Galway part 2

Imagine, a Connacht and Leinster title in the one year, what a county. The rest of them can only dream.

Fuck Sheedy

A lick of paint for the Hay Shed.


Any sign of any floodlights being erected?

Bellew has the web and app developers purring.


Is there a forum? Used to enjoy going on the old admin board.


It was his puckouts that kept us competitive in the AI Semi last year. He gave a masterclass.


Agreed. He was outstanding.


I was going to add he gave a master
Class off puck outs last year v Limerick.

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A Galway goalie doing something competent, thought it was the minor goalie.

Eanna was unlucky not to score his second point from play at senior intercounty last week too

The irony of you slagging Galway goalies is hilarious.

That fucking Ray Boyne and his slo mos. It’s actually way more impressive in real time.

He almost bate us on his own in the AISF last year. He found spaces where there were no spaces.


You may need to read up on the definition of irony.

Situational irony. Example: A guy constantly questions the bottle of and criticises Galway goalkeepers while he shits his pants and hides under the bed for two years for fear of catching covid.

Your competency in giving an e-dig is on a par with a Galway goalie’s competency in saving a routine shot.

Fucking Breffni Park for this Armagh match apparently