Know Your Sport

I’ve decided it’s to have its own thread as it’s unfair of me/us to get into the nuts and bolts of this on the Things that Are Wrong thread.

This is a bit spartan, it probably needs to be dressed up a bit. Any ideas?

Also for sidwaddell’s attention, can you organise a photo of the tie and jumper?

So someone actually started a Facebook group Sledge? I can’t believe someone took my suggestion on board.

I believe it was set up at about 12 midday today, someone told me the lad involved was bored and heavily hungover at the time, and decided to follow up on a late night drunken pub conversation.

Surely this calls for a poll? Can you put one up sledge, i wouldn’t be the most techie minded around here.


They would end up getting Des Cahill to present it so for that reason leave it in the past.