La Révolution - MII

Things don’t seem to have de-escalated after Macron’s climbdown

The news indicates a 60 something Irishman has been murdered adjacent to Paris.
A mad country populated by arrogant despicable cunts. That cunt Thierry Henry epitomises them.

In short Fuck them.

If paddy o mulcher had used a hand to keep the ball in play, you’d tuck him in with your daughter. Thierry is cool as fuck, as are the French.


Thierry along with many of his countrymen who fleeced me, robbed me at knifepoint and their useless gendarmes who all but ignored or accused me of staging the escapade about 40 years ago are all fuckers.
I’ve neither forgotten or forgiven. Bastardos…

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There’s a story there boxty. Out with it.

The French are still cool as fuck.
Le sang froid.

France has the most cunts per head of population than any country on Earth,


I hope you’re doing this as a project with the kids in school!

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Do you not consider South Africa a country?

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Even Ireland is ahead of the frogs on that score


The French are generally cunts, there’s always exceptions but that would be my expectation.
TheIrish are sound cunts in general, you’re a cunt alright.

The French are weird deviant fuckers

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I hired a car on a holiday in the South of France, drove into a small town. There was some form of festival going on. Some French lad behind me got very irate and started beeping his horn aggressively. I was reluctant to mow down the pedestrians so kept my snails pace going, at which point he began to nudge the back of my car with the front of his. This happened twice.

At this stage I had enough, the missus was getting agitated so I stopped the car and got out to have a quiet word with the gentleman.

Out hops a very irate little French man. Shouting from the minute the door opened and gesticulating wildly.

What seems to be the problem I asked, in my best Limerick accent. At which point he goes absolutely fucking mental altogether and starts getting up in my face.

I asked him to stop, in my best Limerick accent. He didn’t, so I stuck my two fingers up his nostrils and marched him around the square in an attempt to get him to calm down. This had the opposite effect, so I gave the nose a little twist. That softened him a bit, but I was reluctant to let him go.

The local police came. Discovered I had no French, couldn’t be fucking bothered to deal with the situation so sent us both on our way.


He’s a prize cunt





Frenchies are cunts, a French woman once roared at my 2 year old daughter for accidentally knocking over a shitty sandcastle.

Next time you know what to do

Except England obviously, but you knew that

Your average Englishman is grand once he’s on home soil, folk in the South West in particular are sound cunts

The term ‘average citizen’ has absolutely no meaning in a monarchy.