Lads you'd follow into war

Who’s she

Dear C

No wonder the fuckin yanks are destroyed as a fighting force
And rely on NATO to land grab in Ukraine and feed the Zionist nation with their murder machine
To do their dirty work and keep the pot boiling for uncle Sam’s objectives,
They don’t give a fig for civilians in either Ukraine or the middle east or any other troubled spot they intentionally get involved in,
All about protecting uncle Sam’s assets and his incessant need for gas ,oil ,minerals and the paranoia ref Putin
US are a bigger danger to world peace than Iran and Russia combined,
War mongers nothing else despite being thrashed in every conflict they ever got involved in,
And without Russias fighting force which won WW2 they’d have got their holes handed to them on a plate in Europe aswell

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The US army whistleblower turned DJ

OMG and I halfway to Wexford after sting😔

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Paul Murphy


Was that him who read the proclamation?
He was excellent at it.

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Yep, failed AFL players should lead us into war

Ya have a look at his twitter. They chat about it at the start of the hurling pod too

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