Lakeshite 2012

Lakeshite despite all its “great tradition” has been moved back a week this year to avoid competing with the PDC World championship. My tip would be Scoot Waites in what will be his final BDO tournament ever as he switches to the PDC in January along with Dean Winstanley and Ted Hankey. This leaves the door open for Martin “the bottler” Adams to win Lakeshite for the next 10 years. I hate January but at least watching Lakeshite will provide me with a few laughs. As Chris Mason once described Lakeshite “car crash television” and 3 weeks time should be no different. No wonder it is the BBC’s last ever year of showing Lakeshite.

Rats fleeing a sinking ship comes to mind. Has it been confirmed “the count” will be joining the premier organisation?

Jimmy, still envious and insecure I see.

It’s funny to see the constant need for validation of their love for the pdc.
So terribly insecure. Sad really.

As Chris Mason once said

“It’s hammer time”

In fairness Dunph, the ship has sank a long time ago. What i will say these boys would be a good edition to the PDC. O’Shea would be the only other player worth taking. As for the rest… enough said.

No lad O’Shea has missed the boat, Waites and Winstanley would be good additions as would Hankey just to see his banter with the crowd.

FAO Chocolate Mice, Piles et al - there’s already a thread set up for the World Championship. Please ignore these juvenile trolls. Roll on January 2012 for the start of the action. :clap:

I would have loved to see Hankey play Manley at some stage.

Does anybody else remember the BDO brigade fawning over Chissy not so long ago. Ha ha ha ha ha ha