Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


no it was Geraghty alright.


He was giving it big licks and a bit of filth the week before…


The week before playing against Cupido?


yeah he dug a knee to the back of the head of an aussie player the week before and was potentially going to be suspended over it, but got away with it and the aussies said there would be revenge as a result.


The Ashling Thompson episode isn’t bad at all, an interesting character, good speaker if you can hack the accent. Lots of atmospheric shots of limerick city throughout


Pity she is a fraud


A fraud?



Nothing has changed.

Closer to geary than she’d like to admit


Interesting turnaround from you. A year ago you’d jump down the throat of anyone that said anything negative about her.


I haven’t a clue what you mean


A fraud? She’s a camoige player???




Yip. Things change. Incidents happen.

I give people a chance.

But there is a limit


The anger, anxiety, depression.


None of us know what anyone else is feeling.


I know Blane is shitting it




How do you know this? Seriously.


Actions speak louder than words


Not suggesting I know.

What I do know is nothing has changed really