Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


How can her actions now betray her mental health 7 or 8 years ago?


Loving the @caoimhaoin clear out


She is going around trying tell people what to do with mental health. Yet she was never diagnosed with anything and in the past 6-8 months has shown thru actions that nothing has changed.

It’s all for show. I supported it in the past as I listened to the story and you take things at face value.

One particular situation where not being centre of attention did not end well.

Sort yourself out first and then consider talking to others


Fair enough, I don’t know her at all at all. Still as a TV show it was interesting, she’s completely different to the usual modern day player. She doesn’t dwell on the mental health issues or dish out advice, spoke quite candidly about an obvious tough time and bemoaned the lack of support structures, my wife was very impressed with her, I just felt it was a decent TV show


How so?
You would need to be pretty clued into the IC Camogie scene to make that kind of assertion surely.


She is getting paid to talk to kids and others about it.

She isn’t the only one either though


That’s a good point. She isn’t really.


Go way to fuck. Seriously, like?


What’s that different?

Do you really think she is the only one to deal with suicide?


Giving paid talks to kids?


Yeah. Imagine that, someone with no proper qualifications going around spoofing and lecturing people/clients with mumbo jumbo that they read off of the internet, and getting paid for it.


Sorry responded to wrong post.

Yes. Was at 2 events recently I heard of. 1 general youth get together the other a GAA Club.

Look it’s not all bad in terms of the message. Bit the hypocrisy is hard to swallow


She has no qualifications and is asking for payment? That is taking the piss.
By all means preach about mental well being etc but charging for it?


how much would she be getting? 500 I suppose


Cash too no doubt. Revenue are asleep at the wheel.


Alot of it comes under the red bull banner


They’re aware of this scam too?


Not sure.

Individually the men get way more for anything they do.

I’m not worried about the money. If GAA clubs or anyone else want to hand over cash to amateurs to wooooo a few kids I am not bothered.

My point is this is a fraud.

To be on LG while still playing is the 1st thing. It’s lost its value. Secondly it’s very clear it’s an anger thing. And that has not changed. Anger is simply about not having dealt with shit, so do not be preaching to people about it when you do not have it sorted yourself


You think they care?


Your wife is easily impressed if she married someone as meek as you.