Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


Christ that’s a clamping.


Her message isn’t dangerous or complicated and she delivers it well, st least she did on the show, she just preaches seeking out help and not internalizing shit, I’m sure having her deliver that message to a roomful of schoolgirls in Charleville or Ballingarry is more effective than Dr Ciara Kelly


Kev just hates women. Plain and simple, a successful cork woman who’s universally popular and respected, ie the opposite to Kev, drives him demented.






It’s not actually.

Certainly not if there is a major fall from grace or someone hears stories recently emerged.

You are underestimating kids ability to detect bullshit.

Not to mention the fact that these things have very little value and retention. None or below 10% in most cases.

What works is coaching the coaches (or teachers and parents in this case). A little bit every day or week is alot more effective than any one off.

It’s like coaching workshops or anything like that? What do you get out if it? Without follow up very little.


OK, it’s an alright tv show either way, she’s primarily a camogie player, the Milford story is a good one


Didnt you tell us you had a good pal in Milford? He wouldn’t be long telling you


My mate speaks very highly of our Aishling. He doesn’t have much time for Kev though, especially after he rang him one day rambling on about a Tipp based coach that was only a cunt.
My mate didn’t have a clue what the fuck was going on.


Henry’s Laochra Gael very good , unlike a lot of others there is great reference to local club and his back round.

Easier when coming from a club like ballyhale but I feel it is totally overlooked in majority of episodes . One hour format allows this I suppose.


Ballyhale looks like an awful shithole. Good program in fairness


It could do with a lick of paint to start .


Youd imagine hed surely make a few pound behind the bar,

Dont think he is a John Carroll or Clem Smith mind you.


Covered other traditional pillars of irish society as well as gaa. .the church, local community…Henry planning to go into politics?


Ya as I said above, all he needs to do now is re-open the bar and get lads drinking pints again.


Ballyhale didn’t look like it could sustain a seven day trade the last time I was in it a couple of years ago


There’s a serious bunch of talented young drinkers coming through in Ballyhale.

But will they drink in Ballyhale though?


A gastropub ???


I was in South Kilkenny recently and went through the likes of Mullinavat and Kilmacow. They were as grim as any village I have driven through in Ireland.

They made places like of O’Callaghan’s Mills and Broadford look almost inhabitable by comparison.


From what i remmebr of it Feakle deserves a mention here I think?