Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


I’d believe it. He’s an awful weirdo going by his book


It’s rare you’d read an autobiography of a lad you’d be ambivalent about and realise he’s a massive prick, the biggest crock of shit I’ve read in years


Amusing that lads are surprised the guy above is a bit odd.


spoiler that shit mate.


Anytime I see the photo, in my mind all I see is this.





Making it an hour long is something they should have done from the start.



Haven’t caught any of the new ones yet but the last series was miles, miles better because of it.


If you’re a young man, maybe


It’s gas though had to laugh at it, he had won an All ireland u21 (captain), 2 Senior all Irelands (one as captain), an All Ireland club & he was still un-sure of himself.

Most other lads would be cock sure of themselves.


Most other lads wouldn’t be so full of bullshit


Thinking that myself.


What’s the story here mate? I’ve never really taken much of an interest in him (or any player from any sport except Tom Brady) - It’s rare you’d have a cut off a lad, what makes him such a cunt?


Read the book, (don’t read the book)
I don’t even remember, just recall thinking he was a bullshitter and a huge egomaniac, all his early career doubt suited his purpose perfectly, he was a decent hurler


A lot of guys that reach the top of their sport are riddled with doubt tho - it’s not unusual. I know nothing about the other stuff.


I thought the one on Jackie Tyrrell was a good episode. The one thing about that Kilkenny team is that I always felt they handled success very well. Despite all their wins, I always found them humble and gracious when interviewed after winning matches. If we in Limerick can conduct ourselves the same way then I’d be very happy. Unlike those arrogant sneery Tipp cunts


There is no thread immune to it


I watched part one of it last night. My heart went out to poor Jackie all those medals and so sad.


He’s a self obsessed cunt.