Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


Thats not rated as success in KK, maybe in Tipp or other non traditional counties. Thats the pressure young lads in KK are under, its not enough to be good


With 9 all ireland medals?


How’s yer hole me old mucka


Immune to what?


Most bullshitters have none in fairness but you can be both and I suspect that Jackie is a bullshitter with 9 all Ireland medals


That thing with the priest is a bit weird, his sister isn’t bad (the blonde one obviously)


He is playing his media persona to a tee tbf, who in their right mind would seriously think JT was a standout pick from that generation? It’s actually gas he got an episode.

He’d eat himself but I’d give him a fair nod for every bob he’s making writing scutter and dressing so embarrassingly and being paid for that too.


Did he mention turning down millions playing baseball? Didn’t seem to lack in confidence on that programme


Christian bro, not priest.
Sound man is Damien. I was the first pupil he ever gave out to in Callan CBS. He trained us to the intermediate championship in 99 when nobody thought we’d threaten it and has helped many a person around the town and parish.
He is absolutely one of the good guys.


Well said


He was a pick of a generation, as were everybody on that Kilkenny team, who regularly put Tipp cunts to the sword




Tyrrell was a top drawer corner back for years on possibly the greatest hurling side ever.

Anyone questioning his merit of a Laochra Gael is clearly a simpleton.


Name and shame the simpletons mate,
I’ve seen a few lads calling him a bit of a wanker and a terrible book writer


Ah sure why not give that whole KK team & extended panel shows so. :man_shrugging:


I enjoyed the piece last night L gael, impressed,don’t know him from Adam,rated him as a big time defender though


A lovely bit of seeth in the air after this documentary.

Are lads that insecure that skinny jeans or a pair of white runnereens would have ye deciding that a lad loves himself? FFS. He’s a decent enough sort and humble enough too by all accounts but yet he’s smart enough to play the game thats needed to make a few pound for himself.

He clearly wasn’t the stickman that JJ was but he got the best out of himself and became one of the Codys main men on the ground. Well deserving of this doc.


Did anybody suggest he didn’t merit a laochra Gael?
In as much as you can say about somebody you don’t know my ‘dislike’ of him comes from the image he portrayed of himself in the book, and his massive ego

Good to read you posting again though :+1:


Welcome back buddy. When did you rejoin us?


Ah yeah, his media persona was in no way a reason for being picked out by TG4.