Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


They should do a Laochra Gael Court House special interviewing tipp hurlers about their various brushes with the law


Don’t be silly, pal.

The show should be about genuine all time great hurlers.


I’d say him and a number of others don’t merit a laochra Gael. They cheapened the brand by doing too many shows.


Some O’Shaughnessy chap from Limerick getting one too.


Let’s not forget Lar Corbett got an episode. Hardly a great


It shouldnt just be about ‘great hurlers’ but great stories …


3 goals in an AI final but I’d agree he’s no Pat Fox, Eoin Kelly or Nicky English.


Best hurler in the country over a three year period from 2009-2011 as well as scoring a hat trick in an All Ireland Final


They should just do a programme on the entire KK hurling panels from years 2006 to 2015 and be done with it. Make it a 2 hour programme and let there be mass seethe for a number of weeks from the lads who are less privileged than others when it comes to hurling success. The highlight would surely be the 2008 All Ireland performance where we were so fucking good they gave man of the match to Cody…was it Waterford or Tipp we gave a scutching to that day?


He should be struck off from all gaa records for bringing the game into disrepute with his shameful display of unsportsmanlike behaviour in the 2012 semi final




What’s your point? I don’t think many would argue that Lar Corbett wasn’t the best hurler in the country between 2009 and 2011


I would disagree and I strongly suspect plenty others would. You might even be slightly biased is my point.


Who was better?


Henry Shefflin for one, theres about 14 others


Shefflin was shit in 09 final and didn’t play in 2010. Lar also scored way more from play in that period


Didn’t they give a few wimin their own shows?


Whatever about how good Corbett was or wasn’t, his episode was very entertaining. The likes of Mick Kavanagh might have way more medals but I’m not sure it would make for better television.


Seamus Darby on here. Not afraid to throw a few fucks out of him


A sub in an All Ireland Final. Is that what they are reduced to now.