Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


I would as well. He is on a wind up surely ffs


Ah that goal never gets old. Take that ye Kerry cunts.


He has some manner about him alright


That was a great story. I didn’t know things got that bad ffor him. Sleeping in his clothes in derelict pubs in London. A real droll biffo. Well able to tell a story.


And the Limerick boyo’s running a protection racket in London, PJ’s henchmen?


Id more like to think of it as a bit of fundraising


I chuckled at his impression of the Nigerian jumping out of the van in Murphy’s yard


Seamus Darby was one of the starting corner forwards when Offaly won the 1972 All Ireland Final.


The ignorance on here is unreal.


Tommy Walsh of Kilkenny was a sub in an all Ireland final & got a show .


I didn’t want to say it for fear of being attacked. Glad someone set the record straight.


Kieran Duff on tonight. From all accounts it is well worth watching. Galway Hurlers standing up for a DUblin Footballer. Who would have thunk it?


The thoughts of Sylvie , lynskey and Gerry mac fighting Mick Lyons , Liam Harnan and Kevin Foley is mouth watering .


I’m a mess after watching the end of that, what a top top fucking bloke that man is.


In fairness harry, you were a mess before watching it


Galway hurling people have an innate sense of fairness. Read up on the first all ireland hurling final, tipp had a lad sent off for wild play (imagine what that was back then) galway insisted he be let back on. Seen throughout history, not much thanks for it mind.


Another great show from Laochra Gael. I thought it showed the GAA at it’s best and at it’s worst. I didn’t realize the Meath lads had rallied around Duff when it came to fundraising for his daughter. Fair play to them because as the All Star tour demonstrated there was proper poison between Dublin and Meath in that era.

The constant abuse and vilification Duff endured for one relatively harmless mistake is hard to fathom even now. Other GAA players like John Mullane and John Leahy made far more serious mistakes in their youth but were allowed rehabilitate themselves and have earned the respect and esteem they are generally regarded with now. Duff for whatever reason was never really forgiven. Maybe the fact he looks a little like Satan didn’t help matters.

He was a tremendous footballer and I’m glad last night’s program emphasized that. Dublin let him go way too early. He was one of, if not the best club forward in Dublin from 92 to 96 while the county team were losing All Ireland Finals and semi finals by 1 or 2 points with some proper journeymen playing in the forwards.

One small gripe I’d have is Duff not accepting responsibility for kicking Pat O Neill. As he pointed out there was far worse done to him before and after but that doesn’t change the fact that he kicked a lad in an All Ireland Final and rightly got sent off for it. While the punishment he endured far outweighed the crime it was still a stupid thing to do and he didn’t seem to acknowledge that or at least not on camera anyway.

The last section focusing on his relationship with his wife and daughter were equal parts heartbreaking and beautiful. A hard man with a soft heart.


is there anyway I can access this from the mainland? sounds like a great episode


I think it’s normally repeated on TG4 on Friday nights? Must try and catch this one myself.


Its on the tg4 player and should be accessible