Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


Don’t think John Leahy gets much respect and esteem to be honest particularly in Limerick, Clare and Galway.


When the balls in the sky and their’s glass in your eye


There was a particularly poignant moment during a minutes silence at a match in Limerick when a roar of “Leahy you’re only a bollocks” came from the Limerick terrace.


he was one of the first hurlers I hated anyway. Tipp played Wexford in Bellfield in the mid to late 80s and he pulled on a Wexford player, I think it was a Pender, from Crossabeg and knocked him out. I dont think he actually played again for Wexford after the injury. Anyway, it was off the ball and Babs saw it and sent on a sub for Leahy and took Leahy off. The ref wouldnt take the sub slip and went looking for Leahy and sent him off. My recollection could be slightly off, I was only a chap at the time, but one of my first memories of him. Some of the elder Wexford followers like @Bandage may recall better than me.


I really enjoyed this. Thanks.


The last I’d heard of Leahy was he had turned his life around and was now helping other people with addiction problems. If that’s still the case and I hope it is he deserves to be respected for it. You’ll always have a few fucking eejits spewing shite unwilling to let stuff go but such is life


That was Ciaran Carey mate, Leahy was and always will be a woman beating cunt, a tramp and above all else a tinker.


I rest my case


@binkybarnes abides in the abuse of women it seems, the forums very own Donal Og. Congrats pal!


John Leahy is the drug education officer with the HSE in the South East


Aren’t there enough people taking drugs already without Leahy educating people further?


Liam Doyle sorted out Leahy in 99. Sorted him out good and proper


Baker softened his sneery cough at full time in 1997.


Leahy was a scut but he was some hurler.


sticking a glass in another mans face is a lot harder forgiven than getting sent off in an All Ireland fella


Eh, that’s the point I was making


What did he do there? Jump and leap around in his face hollering like a jinnet, fist pumping and sledging him after the fact?

Very un-Clare like if so.


Did he mention me sledging him and boxing the head off him in Clontarf at all?


He did. He said he gave you an even worse roasting than Dessie Farrell gave you.


Ah now to be fair, that Dublin team was packed to the rafters with scumbag knacker cunts, not just Duff. Mullins would be another fine example and he’s still hated around the country too.