Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


Carlow too yeah.


I played on Barney in his twilight years and there was no way he was going to get a dunt. He’d more or less hang out on the sideline and have a chat and would only advance to take a free.


I think Duff did play in 1984, watched some footage on youtube there


Duff played in the '84 final alright.

His ban was reduced to, I think, nine months (possibly six, but I think it was nine) on appeal.


Thanks for this. Very informative.


That’s how I remember him too. In fairness he was plenty brave before Harnan busted him but he lost his bottle after. It was a ferocious hit. He broke his collar bone and dislocated his shoulder with the one hit. Rock was out for nearly a year after it


Wasn’t he known to be an aggressive drunk?
cc @Watchyourtoes??


It was the culminating act in a vile final played in bad weather and worse spirit. Even so kicking somebody in the head, even if only a flick will never play well on a showpiece occasion.


He was a disaster but he never glassed anyone or bate the living shit out of his Mrs like other former players!


You sure about that?


About Leahy? 100%


Loose lips sink ships, eh.


And none as loose as a Tipps man, loose lips and tight pockets eh mate!


Okay, you’re rattled pal.


No you are just chasing your tail yet again.


Chasing tail you say, how apt.


If Sidney and yourself say he did I’ll bow to your superior knowledge.!


Barney Rock was pretty much done as a real force for Dublin after 1986. But apart from having perhaps the best name of any player in Dublin history, I don’t think he was ever that much of a real folk hero though, and he certianly never had much of a name as a “brave” player. Mick Holden famously pulled him up off the ground in the 1984 final after he got a clatter from a Kerry player.

Duff and Joe McNally were much bigger folk heroes with the Dublin support. The first big Dublin game I attended was the 1987 League final against Kerry and Duff got a goal in the first minute. So I loved him after that.

When Cullen came in he pretty much sidelined Rock, Duff and McNally, though all three made fleeting appearances against Meath in 1991 - Rock and Duff were both brought back into the team for the second game, and played well - but they didn’t feature much afterwards and didn’t feature at all in the fourth game. McNally got a point as a sub in extra-time in game 3 but he didn’t feature in game 4 either.

I attended Duff’s final game for Dublin, which was a league game at home to Tyrone in November 1991. Tyrone won 4-11 to 0-11. Duff was on the frees and had an absolute nightmare, at least once he barely raised the ball off the ground. I think he was taken off and quit after that game.

There was definitely some disquiet among a lot of Dublin supporters after the loss to Donegal in the '92 final that he was no longer on the panel.


No, that McDonald fella would be about twenty years the wrong age. He would be late 30s now, former manager of Oliver Callen.


Rock had massive grudging respect in Cork after 83
Duff was an animal