Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


He absolutely walked all over ye below in PUC


Duff was brilliant in the games against Cork in '83. I have the entirety of both on a DVD.

Rock’s goal against Cork to equalise the drawn game against Cork is the single greatest moment in Dublin football history. The reaction of Hill 16 for that goal has never come close to being matched before or since and you don’t have to have been there to know that. It was an incredible moment and it’s hair raising just to watch it on video.

RTE made a segment of about three minutes length which they played on the Sunday Game before the 1992 final. It had all the Dublin goals from the 1983 semi-finals and final with Yello’s “The Race” playing in the background. I became obsessed with it and must have watched it hundreds of times in the three years or so afterwards.


Barney was very popular below in Cork, classy operator
Christy Heffernan was another lad who put us to the sword that we took to our hearts as well


Looking forward to Shaugh’s episode next week. Class hurler in his day and an absolute gent.


Similar name anyway, Leahy made shit of his jaw off the ball.


wasn’t Joe McNally brought back by Mickey Whelan in 1996


Niall McDonald maybe it was so.


Corner back?


“Popular below in cork “

Vital to be a laochra .


Tipp hurling has had some amount of thugs/criminals represent them.


Barney’s lack of hardman credentials and lack of overt “Dublinness” is ironically why he wasn’t overly mourned when he left the Dublin set up.

Duff, Mullins, Joe McNally, Mick Holden, Jimmy Keaveney, Vinnie Murphy, Keith Barr and Dermo all had that in spades, which is why they were the biggest Dublin folk heroes over the years - well Keaveney didn’t really have the hard man credentials but was basically perceived as Brendan Behan on a football pitch, and his career did end with a sending-off.

The opposition players I hated most when they were playing are the players I now look back on with most fondness. Mick Lyons, Tommy Dowd and latterly Kieran Donaghy. The sort of players who if they were on your team, you’d worship.


Joe McNally destroyed one of my knees.


Yeah, he was pretty much obese by that stage. He actually saved Dublin against Louth in the Leinster semi-final in Navan when they were behind inside the last seven or eight minutes, he punched a goal from about two yards out off a rebounded free or something, and then scored a point with a handpass from about four yards out straight afterwards. He missed the Leinster final through injury so that Louth game turned out to be his last for Dublin.


ah here “dublinness” most of them Dubs you mention are from country stock!


himself and his brother were some combo @ club level


wasn’t Eamon Heery brought back in 1996 as well? why was he out in the cold in 1995, was in his prime then


He fell out with Pat O’Neill shortly before the 1994 championship. I think this has been addressed on this forum before actually. I’m not sure exactly what happened to cause the falling out but Heery being played in the half forward line must have had something to do with it. O’Neill had an obsession with playing half backs as half forwards. Heery, Keith Barr, Paul Curran and Tommy Carr were all shunted up there at different stages in championship games.


That’s it in a nutshell. Beautiful


Just watched the Kieran Duff programme the last 10 minutes was savagely emotional. As a father of two healthy kids one who is an adult and the other not far of it it was poignant to see the love and adoration they both give to their child that has special needs. It really showed despite county rivalries etc the GAA really is our national fabric that we should all cherish.


That was James McDonald from St Martins that was run down. Not sure if he ever played senior for Wexford. Think he was manager for Oliver Callan for a while until there was a falling out and it ended up in court. His sister Lisa McDonald was a Bertie Ahern appointment to the Seanad. She’s ran unsuccessfully for Fianna Fáil in Wexford at least once, possibly twice.

Niall and Diarmuid McDonald from Crossabeg hurled for Wexford early 90’s.