Lar(d) Corbett -Soup taker

he was training a 6 county team but they told him to FOAD after he dipped his hat to the queen

he is seething about this as he was making a good few euros from it

Kevin Lynch’s have been very petty over this.

Hate the fucking shinners.

They should be expelled from the GAA. This kind of prehistoric knuckle dragging sectarianism has no place in this island’s most progressive sporting organisation.

So should Lar for taking the shilling.

Tipp cunt.

Proper order.

Nice to see the quisling get his pocket hurt, the loathsome prick.

Newsflash- What Kevin Lynchs did was more in keeping with the ethos of the GAA than anyone coaching for money.

I applaud them

In all likelihood they quickly realised that Lar was a simpleton and used this as an excuse. The club he was coaching was named after a hunger striker ffs :lol:

Barstool republicans out in force I see.

They haven’t gone away y’know (more’s the fookin pity)

Quislings like yourself shall be judged in the the afterlife.

Both a barstool republican and a Gawd botherer, utterly worthless twice over.

Why don’t you go wrap the starry plough around your knob and rub one out for yourself. You could aim the money shot at the queens head or something.
That would be great for the cause.

A crime is a crime is a crime!!

No surrender to the I.R.A

The weak willed & cultureless free staters are disgracing themselves as usual here.

<p style="margin-left:0px;]ALL-Ireland winner Lar Corbett has refused to deny that he scooped the €10.6m jackpot of the National Lottery

[quote=“Chavez, post: 610938”]ALL-Ireland winner Lar Corbett has refused to deny that he scooped the €10.6m jackpot of the National Lottery[/quote]Please dont be true :angry:

This is going to turn out to be the greatest wum in years. Looking forward to watching it play out.

I heard Lar left the country because he thought he’d have to pay tax on it.

Time to get money on Limerick to win Munster, the Tipp boys will be on the batter for months.