Larry Sweeney RIP

The wrestling business has lost a potential superstar in this lad, tragic end to his life. He’s was having some serious issues the past few years mainly due to his bi-polar disorder. Reports are he took his own life.

Tragic, RIP.

RIP Larry

This lad was born on the exact same day as I was. RIP Larry

What’s the craic with bi-polar disorder? I know it involves mood swings and stuff but surely there’s medication that can sort it out.

No expert Flano, but from what i gather the medicine has to be so strong sometimes it just ruins people, and if they come off it they are worse than ever, and the depression side far out weighs the uppidy side, thus suicide is always a danger.

I lived with someone with it in the States for a while, it can be quite funny at times to watch.

Sweeney (real name Alex Whybrow by the way) went completely mental about two years ago, it was both funny and quite sad some of the shit he was doing at the time. The most recent reports I had read about him said he was actually back to some semblance of sanity but clearly he was worse than ever.

Being a wrestler, and having to immerse yourself totally in a character can’t exactly be ideal conditions for somebody suffering from bi-polar?

Funny and sad is about the best way to describe it.

I am absolutely gutted over this despite having never heard of him until a minute ago. RIP Larry.

RIP Larry Sweeney.

I hate being Bi-polar, it’s brilliant


Different class, different class! :clap: