Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


This lad has a bit of a muffin going on.


The fucking state of him, you think they’d have made a better effort with the microphone


Has this auld bag wandered out of a home for the bewildered?


Great kids


I wasn’t talking about these wonderful young carers, Joe.


Useless cunts.


Oh I know you weren’t bud sorry I cut in


Who is this wanker? Isi it Keith Barry?


It is. The pride of Waterford.


"Do not try this at home "


Sorry that’s Chris Doran


Myself and Keith’s families holiday in Dingle around the same time every year. It’s magic.


A live smothering would be lovely.


Pres’rent Kenn’ry


JFK known as Bad back jack.
Not a chance those kids were jumping on him when he came home.


Useless fat cunt.


He was quite literally a spineless president, who ended up brainless, but even then he still had more intelligence than the incumbent.


This dirty smelly fat whore should have been put down years ago.


You’d want an awful hiding, Francis.


I reported you for threatening me.