Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


Woman who became an Internet sensation as Daniel O’Donnell’s superfan is charged in high-tech cocaine factory raid


Fucking hell, you would assume she was just a twee simpleton


It all makes sense now.


Taking bets ono how much marching powder Ryan will get through tomorrow night


What’s he up to tomorrow night?



Big night tonight lads


I just watched that with no sound and it looks seriously creepy. What the fuck were they thinking?

A perfect example of how sex will always trump video games though


Jesus, that was weird. Its no better with sound @fran.

I’d presumed it was the Irish girl who once modeled for Lara Croft, but a quick google shows its Lara Weller, a later model.


So what are we watching instead tonight guys ?


I have it set to record and will watch it with the children tomorrow evening.


Tubs is dosed up tonight.


He has crabs


The little one is asleep on my chest. Tried to wake her up but she took one look at tubs and went back to sleep


Tubridy is gurning like fuck here


He’s a patronising cunt.


Tubtidy is brilliant at the toy show.


The giant fish was amazing.


I liked the fish puns, I must admit.


Tubtidy is dressed just like I imagine @backinatracksuit